Superb cuisine and luxury yacht vacations – they go together perfectly.

Sea Axis’ trained gourmet chef will carefully craft meals tailored to your personal tastes.

Our chef will take into account your likes and dislikes, designing personalized meals to suit your tastes and accommodating all kinds of special diets — low fat, vegetarian, diabetic, kosher or gluten free – you name it, and we’ll prepare it. If you love foodie vacations, this charter will be a highlight.

All Your Culinary Needs…

When it comes to fine dining, no resort can match the personalized menu, the superb service, and the delightful ambiance of being on the Sea Axis in the Carribean. From late night snacking to smaller (or larger) portions, or on the spot requests or with a bit of warning we’ll do their best to satisfy your culinary needs.

Great food, great wine…

a warm and pleasant climate and a relaxed pace of life – that’s what the Caribbean offers.

Sailing the Caribbean offers clear blue waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling, calm conditions and occasional mistral winds that up the ante for those in search of exhilaration, speed, and spray.

The Freshest and Best Locally Sourced Produce

Our aim is to use locally sourced ingredients, freshly caught seafood and the best produce available.